USA -- April 2003

Some pix from USA (click on pic to see higher resolution version)

Chicago -- April 13th

EMC Chicago, located on 10th to 12th floor Chicago Navi-Pier Chicago Navi-Pier Chicago, fiewed from Navi-Pier

Chicago -- April 14th

Chicago Downtown Sears-Tower

Chicago -- April 17th

Chicago Downtown, view from Sears-Tower Sears-Tower

Detroit -- April 17th

Greektown-Casino Pub Music-Menu

Canada -- April 18th

I would have tried that... but noone around $ 137,50?

Niagara-Falls -- April 18th

no comment My motel Hard Rock Cafe

Niagara-Falls -- April 19th

Good weather in Niagara-Falls! Where the water falls down The bridge to USA